ACCESSIBILITY REVIEW: Chisos Mountain Lodge, Big Bend National Park

Chisos Mountains Lodge, 1 Basin Rural Station, Big Bend National Park, TX, 432-477-2291

Chisos Mountain Lodge’s handicap room was clean, updated, and pretty roomy for a lodge accommodation in a national park. (I am thinking of Yellowstone Inn, which is an amazing place to stay, but I don’t think that I could make it there now in that room we were lucky enough to get 20 years ago.) Anthony, who took my reservation several weeks ago, had assured me that there was no platform under the bed, even when I gave him the third degree (because we have heard these assurances before: see a few nights later in our trip, in Terlingua and Alpine), and he was right. The Hoyer lift rolled right under the double bed, not a problem. Dude, you rock!

The toilet is freestanding and accessible. There is a bathtub with shower bench. The sink is accessible for the wheelchair user, with room on one side for an attendant, if necessary.

No Internet or TV in the rooms, but both are available in the gift shop and cafe area. I read that you can rent a TV and movie player The area is under severe drought and it’s recommended to bring your own drinking water into the park. There are no restrictions, but they ask that you conserve water use in the room. The restaurant offers good food with vegan options, but pricey: Hey, it’s a remote place. You can also order a sack lunch the night before, and believe me, it is plenty of food. Gasoline is available at Panther Junction.

The view from the room is wonderful. Photo doesn’t do it justice.

And outside of our balcony to greet us, this little guy.

Much more on the lodge and the restaurant here.

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