BLMing From Home

Ways to support

It’s frustrating to watch history from the sidelines. Now is the third time I’ve felt the world shifting off of its moorings: the fall of the Soviet empire in 1989; September 11, 2001; and what’s sweeping the country today. Tiananmen Square felt the same way but turned out horribly. Who knows where we’ll be next week, or next year?

Uncertainty is one thing, but simply watching is what feels terrible. I feel the need to participate and give my support. I don’t spend time bemoaning my fate or anything, but there are certainly times, sitting in this chair, that I feel the times passing me by. I also feel sub-100 degree heat indexes every day here that are smacking me down. With MS, heat is my kryptonite. I can’t even count the summer days when I’ve been all right I’m all right I’m all right I’m i n c a p a c i t a t e d. Not to mention the need to social distance by those who are at-risk.

Fortunately Alice Wong of the Disability Visibility Project steps into the breach.

She put together a list of ways for us to support Black Lives Matter, blacks with disabilities, and the movement on the streets of America. It includes black writers, articles, podcasts, documentaries and other resources to keep plugged into what’s going on.

More support and reading resources are here:

Finally, here’s a List of Bail Funds for Protestors across the Country,
updated regularly with help from the National Bail Fund Network.

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