Monday: Rev up Natl Disability Voter Registration Week

July 13-17 AAPD kicks off its REV UP campaign to get 35 million disabled Americans registered and to the November voting booths. Their website contains a ton of materials to sign up you and your community members. There’s all kinds of ways to participate and make a big impact from home.

– Share the Online Voter Registration Portal. Direct folks to AAPD’s custom registration portal at, powered by When We All Vote, where they can register to vote in just a few minutes.

– Host a Virtual Event. Host a virtual event to help voters in your state understand the rules, disability voting rights, voting options, safety-protocols, and key dates for the 2020 elections.

– Organizing Virtual Text-banking. AAPD has partnered with When We All Vote to use OutVote, an app that helps individuals to use texting to get out the vote among their friends and family. Check out instructions for using OutVote in our NDVRW 2020 toolkit.

– Activate your Social Media. Use the power and reach of social media to share our online voter registration portal, motivate your network to register and vote, and inform voters on your state’s election rules and dates.

– Use their NDVRW 2020 Toolkit. The Toolkit provides key resources and info.

Get organizing.

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